High Park in the Fall

It’s the middle of November in Toronto and the weather outside is a daily guessing game. One day it’s sunny and a tolerable 10 degrees, the next there are flurries and a wind chill leading to a drop to about -3. Whatever the conditions, the last weeks of fall are still inviting enough to stroll through one of Toronto’s loveliest nature escapes – High Park.

High Park in November, Toronto.

High Park, Toronto.

It was Saturday evening that I found myself walking through its leafy paths. Although it was quite chilly, a scarf and a warm coat did the trick to keep warm for 30 minutes or so. The trees were still full of leaves, although more dull and grey compared the vivid colours present only a few weeks ago. There were cyclists and families enjoying the surroundings and we came across a huge adventure playground that was enticing enough for me to explore. The visit was short as it got dark so quickly, but it was worthwhile to walk though the park before winter weather truly hits.

The Remaining Leaves, High Park.

The Remaining Leaves, High Park.