Maastricht Jazz Fest at Café de Belsj

Maastricht’s annual Jazz Fest took place two weeks ago, with bands and artists playing in cafés and bars throughout the city. In the centre, the sounds of guitar strums , saxophone jives, and beautiful voices were spilling out of corner alleys and pubs. The weather was a perfect high of 17 with a light breeze and a clear sky.

It was a pleasantly musical walk to Café de Belsj where I met a few friends to listen to the band Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers. The bar was full to the brim and we were very likely the youngest people there. The band played several of their own songs along with a set of oldies. The guitarist was incredible and I was completely in awe while watching his solos. They had great charisma & the audience loved them!

Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers

Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers

Café de Belsj is a unique mix of grungy, yet classy. An air of dark humour bestows the place with humorous and obscene illustrations placed next to conservative portraits from the 1800s. It’s a great place to have a drink and listen to good music.

Enjoy your evening with one of their songs!

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Eckhart Tolle | Repetitive Thoughts

Yesterday afternoon I stumbled across a documentary featuring Eckhart Tolle. I read his book ‘A New Earth‘ almost 4 years ago while completing my exchange in Maastricht. This book had a huge impact on me — more than any other book I’ve read. It changed the way I viewed both myself and my surroundings. It brought me a new sense of awareness and it is something I’ve carried through over the years in one form or another.

Sun-coloured leaves.

Sun-coloured leaves.

It was while watching this clip that I came to the realization that I have begun to neglect an appreciation for an empty mind. Eckhart Tolle explains that thoughts should be viewed as passing objects of our awareness. Thoughts are transient, they come and go, and all too often we focus in on them and let them repeat over and over. That was what struck me most — that our thoughts are undeniably repetitive. Tolle asks — that thought you just had, have you had it before? Very very often, the answer is yes. Why do we let our minds recycle the same thoughts and let them eat us up as we dwell on them over and over again?

After watching this clip I noticed the repetition of my thoughts. I let each recycled thought pass me by and this brought upon some new kind of clarity.

Clear skies in Maastricht.

Clear skies in Maastricht.

I highly recommend A New Earth and The Power of Now to anyone. There is also a film in the making featuring Eckhart Tolle called Milton’s Secret. They are obtaining funding for the production of their film here: indiegogo.

The photos above were taken yesterday during my run around the city. It was such a beautiful day!

Have a great Saturday. 🙂

Appreciating socks

Life as a full-time master’s student has me appreciating little things that never crossed my mind as a child. I walk by the streets in the centre of Maastricht and adoringly gaze at the beautiful fall trends and the multitude of purchases we can make as consumers.  Without a job, I no longer struggle to convince myself that a new pair of leather boots is completely justified. Although there are several hardships involved with living a jobless life (it’s neither sustainable nor desirable), it does add a touch of simplicity: buy if and only if completely necessary.

Which led me to purchase a 5-pack pair of socks from H&M last week.

Polka-dots, colours, and black & white staples were all included in this pack and I have been reaping the benefits of wearing brand-new, matching, warm socks ever since. It’s a rather delightful feeling for something so inexpensive yet so simple. 🙂

Happy new socks

What have you felt an appreciation towards lately? 🙂

Good night!


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