remnants of the summer sun

the remnants of the summer sun still force their way down but there is an inevitable chill in the air


The importance of a morning routine.

Ever since beginning my last month in Maastricht in a deliciously homey apartment, I began a morning routine that makes me look forward to stretching my arms and getting out of bed.

While heating up my morning coffee, I cut up some lemons for lemon water. I brush my teeth while waiting for water to boil and then make my oatmeal with cinnamon, flax seeds & blueberry jam. I sit down and write down my plan for the day while sipping on coffee & munching on one or two pieces of Milka chocolate. When the oatmeal has cooled down sufficiently, I eat it quickly in one go and am ready to tackle the day with full force!


Testing testing, 1-2-3 :-)

I created this place to share my passion for cooking nutritious and delicious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Little bits of wanderlust, student life will no doubt pop up & my everlasting mission to find a pinch of goodness in every single day.