Traveling Home

Last Day in Maastricht

On the train ride to Schiphol.

It feels surreal that I’m already on my way back to Toronto.

Goodbye Dutch life, and European life for that matter. Goodbye Maastricht. I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

I want to travel with a silent mind. I may read a book but I will not do any work. Maybe I will watch a good movie on the plane. If it’s not worth it I will simply sit in peace.

Solitude is what I will miss most. Living alone gave me freedom and solitude. Cooking for myself, planning my days,making the most of a long morning routine. The rolled oats I cooked on the tiny stove, the roasted carrots I baked in the oven, reaching the outlet over the sink as if it is totally normal. Having a big bed all to myself with a huge window. I’d open the blinds in the morning and light would come flooding down. The bike rides to campus even when the gear broke and I had to bike like a hamster to get anywhere. The longest runs I’ve ever had to nearby villages, the ones up St. Pietersburg with a beautiful view of the city. Shopping for groceries, shopping at the farmers market for fresh veggies and fruit. Carefully browsing for interesting, feasible recipes I could make considering the kitchen’s limitations. Seeing the same wonderful classmates day after day and learning material that I’m interested in.

This all is what I will miss most.


Maastricht Jazz Fest at Café de Belsj

Maastricht’s annual Jazz Fest took place two weeks ago, with bands and artists playing in cafés and bars throughout the city. In the centre, the sounds of guitar strums , saxophone jives, and beautiful voices were spilling out of corner alleys and pubs. The weather was a perfect high of 17 with a light breeze and a clear sky.

It was a pleasantly musical walk to Café de Belsj where I met a few friends to listen to the band Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers. The bar was full to the brim and we were very likely the youngest people there. The band played several of their own songs along with a set of oldies. The guitarist was incredible and I was completely in awe while watching his solos. They had great charisma & the audience loved them!

Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers

Bernie and the Amazing 20 Fingers

Café de Belsj is a unique mix of grungy, yet classy. An air of dark humour bestows the place with humorous and obscene illustrations placed next to conservative portraits from the 1800s. It’s a great place to have a drink and listen to good music.

Enjoy your evening with one of their songs!

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Café 1900 | Maastricht

On the menu: Saté van varkenshaas, met saladegarnering, 3 stokjes Translated: Saté tenderloin with salad garnish, 3 skewers

Saté van varkenshaas
Saté tenderloin

I had a good friend visit me last weekend and on her final night, she wanted to try typical Dutch cuisine. I searched around for suggestions and decided to try out Café 1900. It fit all the criteria: original location (not hardcore central plaza), good prices, and a full-fledged Dutch menu.

I made a reservation – this is suggested as the restaurant is rather tiny and it gets busy during dinner.

Café 1900 is a little out of the way – about a 15 minute walk from the Vrijthof. It has a lovely, cozy ambiance and is populated by locals rather than tourists. We were served by a lovely waiter who knew little English but got his word across and added a few bonus skewers to our dish. I ordered the Dutch saté: five beef skewers covered in dark peanut/sesame sauce next to a medium-sized salad. We had croquettes as a side which were absolutely delicious and my favourite part of the meal. Everything was fresh and tasty. The Asian white chips placed on top of the dish were the only addition that I wasn’t a fan of, but I suppose they added a touch of culture to the dish.

Definitely recommended as a cozy place to dine the Dutch way.

Apologies for the blurry phone pic!

Where is the last place you’ve dined & how did you enjoy it?