Appreciating socks

Life as a full-time master’s student has me appreciating little things that never crossed my mind as a child. I walk by the streets in the centre of Maastricht and adoringly gaze at the beautiful fall trends and the multitude of purchases we can make as consumers.  Without a job, I no longer struggle to convince myself that a new pair of leather boots is completely justified. Although there are several hardships involved with living a jobless life (it’s neither sustainable nor desirable), it does add a touch of simplicity: buy if and only if completely necessary.

Which led me to purchase a 5-pack pair of socks from H&M last week.

Polka-dots, colours, and black & white staples were all included in this pack and I have been reaping the benefits of wearing brand-new, matching, warm socks ever since. It’s a rather delightful feeling for something so inexpensive yet so simple. 🙂

Happy new socks

What have you felt an appreciation towards lately? 🙂

Good night!


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